So who would you invite?

Two polar opposite groups received an official invitation to check out the birth of Jesus: shepherds and wise men.

But why them?

Shepherds were the working class poor and social outcasts. Wise men were rich rulers, well-known in the elite class. The shepherds lived in the fields and out of sight. They apparently showed up to the manger empty handed. The wise men (Magi) brought their gold, frankincense and myrrh. Shepherds and wise men were from opposite ends of the social spectrum.  

But both got heavenly invitations to see the new Savior. 

The shepherds showed up at the manger while the wise men didn’t get there until Jesus was about two years old. But they both got invitations. 

From the filthy outcasts to the elite Big-Wigs, Jesus is the Savior for them both…and for everyone in between. God demonstrated that Jesus was the Savior for both the down and out and the up and coming. That means there is no limit. Everyone you meet is better off than a shepherd outcast and less affluent than a middle eastern king. That means everyone gets an invitation to meet the King.

That’s why the New Testament shows well positioned people AND outcasts responding to Jesus. You see influential people responding to Jesus such as Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, Cornelius and Lydia. And you see forsaken people such as the lame man at the gate, the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet and scores of peasants who come to Jesus. The gospel spans the social/economic/cultural spectrum. 

Jesus is the Savior for everyone–and anyone–who trusts Him. That’s the message of Christmas. 

Merry Christmas.

-Roger Fields, President of Blitz