Blitz Games: Cracker Cram

You will need:

  • 1-2 boxes of Ritz Crackers depending on how many rounds you plan to play
  • 1-2 cans of Cheez Whiz
  • (2) 24″x18″ plexiglass boards – can be purchased at home improvement stores
  • 2 teams of 2 kids each
  • (optional) plastic floor covering

How to win:

be the first team to eat all your crackers

How to play:

Prepare for the game by sticking 12 Ritz Crackers to each side of the plexiglass with Cheez Whiz. Go ahead and prepare both plexiglass boards ahead of time so there is no prep during the game time.

The game starts with 2 teammates standing next to each other, facing the opposite team. Hand the teams a prepared sheet of plexiglass to hold between them. When play begins, each team (without using their hands) tries to eat their 12 crackers off of their side of the board. The first team to successfully eat of their crackers wins!

Choose 2 more teams and get ready for round 2!


This game has been adapted from Thanks Fun Ninja!