Craft Your Own Idea Room

Make space for creativity.

An idea room is a place for sharing ideas. It should be comfortable, functional and eclectic. It is part warehouse, part meeting room and part lounge.

It should not cost much money. Go cheap. It should look like a warehouse with stuff thrown in. Nothing should match. Matching furniture is boring. Put in anything you like regardless of whether it “should” be there. Have fun.

  1. ROOM. Find a room nobody else wants.
  2. CARPET. Leave the carpet. The older the better. Spray paint a word on the carpet that will inspire your creativity.
  3. WALLS. Make the walls vary. Paint part of it a fun color. Nail brick veneer on part of it. Screw metal siding on part of it.
  4. LIGHTING. Use variety. The best is single light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling. Use small LED spot lights to highlight areas you want to stand out.
  5. SEATING. Use variety. Find anything that nobody else wants. Solid colors are best.
  6. ELECTRIC. Make it easy to plug in computers, etc. Drape your extension cords on the table.
  7. TABLE. Get the biggest table you can find. Use it to meet around, take notes on, etc.
  8. DECOR. Screw anything to the walls that inspires you. Period.
  9. CHALK BOARDS. Put up chalk boards and write down miscellaneous ideas, potential ideas, undeveloped ideas, smart ideas, dumb ideas, etc. Keep them up to jog your memory.
  10. NOTE PADS. Leave lots of note pads and Sharpies on the table.
  11. WIFI. A no-brainer.

Do not use the Idea Room except for exchanging ideas. If you overuse the room it will lose its impact.

Watch the video on how to craft your own Idea Room…