Planning a big event can be challenging. But if you apply yourself you can easily wreck it. Here are the three best ways to insure your big event is a big flop.

big event auditorium

Don’t you want to fill these seats for your big event?

  1. Do everything yourself. Involving others only lightens the load and creates a buzz that could turn into big attendance.
  2. Procrastinate. There is no reason to rush out and get started on promotion or planning my big event. There is nothing special about today. Promotion can wait.
  3. Promote without Networking. Spend money on newspaper advertising, radio, etc. Put posters up at Walmart. But don’t use Facebook, Twitter or word of mouth. Those methods are way too personal.

I apologize for the sarcasm. I just thought it might be helpful to take this flip side approach and drive home these three critical event issues.

Of course no one wants to host a flop. That is never anyone’s original intention. The reality is it happens, sometimes even with the greatest of efforts our big events flop.

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 9. Ask your attendees for a little promotional help
Get referrals by asking attendees to tell their social media friends and followers that they are attending your event. Make it easy by giving them the text and a pre-shortened link to your event homepage or registration page that they can copy and paste to Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter users, add a hashtag (a # sign followed by a word or phrase, i.e. #FXLiveHouston) to brand individual tweets about your event. This lets Twitter users (and you) easily see who else is tweeting about the event.

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27. Serve lunch! If you feed them, they will come.

28. Set up a “coffee tent” to give away coffee to parents when they bring their children, and invite them to stay for a short Bible study.

…and this in “How to Peel a Bible Story.”

I seldom see a giant standing in my neighborhood shouting insults at God. It has been a while since a snake offered me anything to eat. But, I can relate to problems that seem bigger than life and I know what it is to be tempted to do something wrong. Make a list. What threatening problems do kids face today? What are they tempted to do?

Big event fun