Kidz Blitz Live suspended boy with knots

Want more info about our kids and family events for your church. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Completely interactive and highly engaging. Families will not simply sit and watch, they will participate. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before.
  • Uses special effects. We lightly fog the platform and use special lighting to create an effect that appeals to kids. However, the special effects are not overly intense, ensuring that small children are not overwhelmed.
  • Uses a unique sound track based on familiar tunes. The lyrics have been changed to communicate the truths and values families need.
  • Fast-paced and practically non-stop. There is a brief warm-up time at the beginning that explains how the event works. This allows everyone to “get on board” before the event takes off.
  • Uses quick games to illustrate important truths. The action along with the sight
    and sound nature of the events provide a memorable experience for the whole
  • Never out-of-control. It is charged with excitement but very controlled.
  • Uses volunteers from your church. The volunteers will be trained one and a
    half hours prior to starting time.
  • Does NOT use magic, clowns, or puppets.
  • Does NOT use slime or anything excessively messy. The platform can be
    cleaned with a household vacuum cleaner.
  • Check out our Statement of Faith.