FamBlitz Live is a crowd participation show that we bring to your venue. With the theme of inspiring families to think like a team, parents and kids participate on stage and from their seats in a variety of games and challenges. A Biblical message is woven in throughout games and crowd challenges with no dedicated preaching time. That means never a moment where the crowd is asked to simply sit and listen. And because FamBlitz Live is a high energy event that the whole family can enjoy, it’s great as an outreach opportunity to families in your community. With a unique blend of music, visual effects, original games and crowd energy, this is the easiest event you will ever host.

FamBlitz Live is America’s premier outreach event for families! FamBlitz Live is a whole family experience conducted by one of our highly trained event directors, it is the easiest event you will ever host in your church. With lights, fog, a unique sound track and loads of action, families will experience Biblical truths communicated through high octane games and challenges.

Specifics About FamBlitz

What Happens?

Kids and Parents are chosen to come on stage where they compete in quirky games and challenges that become an action, object lesson pointing to Bible principles. Meanwhile, teams shout phrases that explain what the games illustrate. We blend music, visual effects, original games and crowd energy, to make sure your crowd has the time of their lives and that it is the easiest event you will ever host.

The Message

The primary message of FamBlitz Live is that there are no perfect families, even in the Bible. God uses imperfect people and imperfect families to carry out His plan. A family is a team that should work together in the home but also for God’s kingdom. Throughout the games and challenges an inspiring message about Team Family is woven in without any preaching/sermon time. FamBlitz Live is a high-energy way to remind families that working together can be fun.

The Invitation

There is an opportunity for kids and parents to receive Jesus. The invitation for salvation is brief, free from pressure and age appropriate. It includes a confession of faith and a prayer to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. We are extremely sensitive to the beliefs of the local church and will always follow your lead.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

We bring this LIVE event to your church or any venue with an appropriate stage size.

Churches and venues of all sizes have successfully hosted FamBlitz Live. The FamBlitz Live set is adaptable to most church platforms. And crowds varying from 200 to 5,000 call this family event a “Perfect 10”

FamBlitz Live event directors are ordained ministers trained to conduct high-energy events while being attentive/sensitive to the specific objectives of the host church. Kidz Blitz Ministry events have been conducted in over 40 denominations across America. One of our event directors will bring the entire FamBlitz Live set to your church and will conduct the entire program.

Our normal event is an hour and 15 minutes. However, we can adapt to fit your needs.

Yes, we do multiple day events. Give us a call and let’s chat about your specific needs.

You will need 6 stage volunteers, a sound technician and a media technician. We will also set up a product table in the foyer and will need 2 volunteers to run the table.

Once you have scheduled your event you can check out our detailed list of how to begin planning for your FamBlitz Live event.

We have a wish to see Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live in more churches regardless of size or budget. To make this possible, we have thrown away our set fee. Kidz Blitz and Fam Blitz no longer have a price tag. Call Ken at 865.577.4692 and lets work something out to share the message of God’s grace and power with your church families.