Famous last words of a Children

Making ANY of these statements will number your days as a children’s pastor.

famous last words…

10. We don’t have to preview this video; my uncle told me it was clean.

9. I don’t care if his dad is a lawyer, I’m giving him a spanking.

8. I don’t care what the church board says…

7. I put my own lock on the church supply closet.

6. Turn it up so they can hear us in the adult service.

5. Let’s try it. I’ve seen this done on TV.

4. So what if it’s not authorized, I’m sure the church will pay for it.

3. I decided on my own we’re not having VBS this year.

2. NO! I don’t care if he is the pastor’s kid.

1. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.

You have been warned!