Before diving into the FAQ about Blitz events, you should first know that our event, the set, and the price are all adjustable to fit the needs of your church. We are the easiest big event you will ever have. This is your event and we adapt to meet your need. Reach out to Ken with any questions you may have, he would love to talk to you. His number is at the bottom of the FAQ page.

Q. Where do Blitz events take place?
A. We bring our events to you. We prefer the church auditorium because they have the best light and sound, but we have been in every imaginable venue. You pick the place.

Q. What stage size do I need?
A. 15-20′ deep by 30-40′ wide is best and 12′ clearance from stage to ceiling. Bigger is better, but we can work with most stage sizes.

Q. How long does it take for you to set up?
A. 3-4 hours

Q. What kind of events does Blitz Ministries do?
A. We have events for kids, families, teens and young adults.

Q. Who conducts Blitz events?
A. All our events are lead by ordained ministers who understand the importance of working under the authority of the pastor. We are there to serve you.

Q. What size churches bring in Blitz events?
A. All sizes from 100 to over 40,000.

Q. What is the price?
A. The price is based on location, time of year, proximity to other events, scheduled tours, etc. Ken can work with you on logistics. Good news: one price includes everything-hotel, travel, food, etc. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Q. Will hosting a Blitz event be complicated?
A. We hear all the time from church staff that we are the easiest, big event to bring in.

Q. Do Blitz events make a mess on stage?
Yes, but it can all be vacuumed within 15 minutes after the event. We do not slime.

Q. What do you require of us?
A. 3-4 guys to help set up, 6 stage volunteers and 1-2 media techs

Q. Do churches sell tickets?
A. Yes, some do, but others give them away for free.

Q. Is there an invitation time?
A. Yes. There is a brief, simple, age-appropriate invitation to receive Christ. We will coordinate it with your church. Again, we are there to serve you.

Q. How can I learn more?
A. Call Ken at 865.577.4692 or email