Green Tornado: MashUp Live

Freedom is central to our redemption. Guard it. Protect it. If you lose your freedom in Christ, you begin to lose your joy in living and your love for the Lord. Freedom is a big deal.

Not everyone will celebrate your freedom in Christ. Rest assured, freedom irritates a lot of Christians. But freedom is still worth it.

For FREEDOM Christ has set us FREE; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1 ESV)

1. Jesus set you free to be free.
Jesus did not die for you to live in fear. He doesn’t want you spending your life being afraid of whether or not you are living up to His expectations. You can breathe.

2. Obligations eat up freedom.
Small responsibilities to serve God can quickly become burdensome obligations that sap your spiritual vitality. HINT: God does not need you to do things FOR Him but WITH Him. There is a difference. Be careful.

3. Jesus will talk to you.
Listen. Jesus will let you know His love for you that goes beyond your spiritual performance. He said His sheep hear His voice. Trust that.

4. There will always be well-meaning Christians who resent your freedom.
Christians are experts in placing spiritual burdens on people. They don’t mean you harm, but the result is slavery to religious activities. Beware.

5. Jesus never gave set requirements for how much you pray, read your Bible or attend a local congregation.
He leaves that up to you. True.

6. You are not responsible for changing the world.
Jesus changed the world already and will complete it when He returns. He will, however, work through you to influence those He sends your way. Watch for it.

7. God is your Father, not your employer.
Jesus repeatedly told us God is a “Good Father.” He didn’t call Him a “Good Boss.” Don’t think of God as someone who is constantly evaluating your performance but as someone who loves being with you. Think “Abba.” That means “daddy.”

8. Rest in what Jesus did for you.
Remember, it’s not about what you do for God but about what He did for you through Jesus. Rest in that.

9. Being yoked together with Jesus is easy.
Jesus said His yoke was easy and His burden is light. If it seems otherwise, something is wrong. Take it easy. There is a song about that.

10. Your fight is a fight of faith.
Your fight is simply to hold on to what you believe. Satan is a thief. He will always try to steal your confidence in what Jesus did for you. Fight for your freedom in Jesus.

11. Live on this side of the cross.
You have blessings (read benefits) that people who lived before the cross never had. Don’t try to live on both sides. Decide which side you want to live on. Hint: this side is better.

12. Jesus made you righteous.
This is a major theme throughout much of the New Testament. Faith in Jesus MAKES you righteous before God. Period. End of story. Accept it and move on.

13. You don’t need to be consumed with how well you are doing spiritually.
Jesus is doing great spiritually and you are in Him. It’s not all about you; it’s all about Him. Don’t be a naval gazer, always scrutinizing your own spirituality. Just stop it.

14. Jesus will hold on to you.
You do not drop in and out of Jesus. He knows how to keep you, even on your worst days. You’re more secure than you think. Relax.

15. Jesus lived the Christian life for you.
Don’t fool yourself. You will never live the Christian life. Jesus is the only one who ever lived a life fully pleasing to the Father. Just Jesus. Not you. And He gave His life (Christian life) to you. Trying to live up to the ideal Christian life will frustrate you for the rest of your life. (That is, unless you deceive yourself into thinking your doing it.) Give it up.

16. Jesus paid the full price for your salvation.
He paid for your redemption in full. That means there is nothing else left for you to pay. Nothing.

17. There is no condemnation in Christ.
None. Some people try to manufacture condemnation, but there is none. Zip. Nada.

18. The Galatian Death Spiral is a common trap.
The Galatians took their focus off the crucifixion of Jesus and started emphasizing their own efforts/works. Check it out in Galatians 3:1-6. It’s really clear in the Message Bible. Let’s avoid doing the same thing they did. Just keep your eyes on what Jesus did for you.