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FAUX Games

definition: a fast-paced, fun, creative, activity without the competitive edge of a traditional game

1. Balloon-athlon

You will need a bag of balloons, 2 XXL sweat suits and 2 pairs of large dish-washing rubber gloves. Place a balloon, sweat suit and a pair of rubber gloves in a pile, one on top of the other. Create a second pile with the remaining supplies.

Choose 2 players and instruct them to first, put on the gloves; second, put on the sweats; and last, blow up the balloon.

The object of the game is to be the fastest in completing these steps in order.

2. Fast Straw

You will need a box of straws and a black permanent marker.

Mark one end of each straw with black permanent ink. Give each contestant a straw. You can have as many contestants as you have straws. Have them put the end with the mark in their mouths.

The idea is to see who can turn the straw around in their mouth without touching it with their hands.

taken from Octane 200 Game Book by Kidz Blitz Ministries

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