How to Extract Gator Snot in 7 Easy Steps

What is Gator Snot, you ask?
Well, as it’s name implies, Gator Snot is a gooey, green substance produced in the nostrils of ailing alligators. 

It has many applications, but most applicable to the kidmin world is it’s popular use as a slime alternative for children’s church games.

The slime alternative idea came from Blitz Live Events president, Roger Fields. He has freely offered his extraction method in 7 easy steps so that children’s pastors everywhere may take advantage of this great game tool. 

Gator Snot as seen in Kidz Blitz Live

1. Find a gator with the flu. Try to select one with a pleasant disposition. This is not easy.

2. Round up 15 of your best friends to hold him down.

3. Wrap a cloth around the end of a yard stick and gently shove it up his nose as far as you can.

Gator Snot and event director Landry Fields

4. Yank the yard stick from his nose without losing any fingers. Or limbs.

5. Expect the gator to now be in an extremely agitated state so round up 5-10 more friends depending on how many you still have left.

6. Ring out the cloth into a clean jar. Optional: wear gloves.

7. Repeat process until gator stops producing snot or you run out of friends. Whichever comes first.