Blitz Games: Hold It Right There

You will need:

  • a big box
  • lots of stuff to put in the box like: beach ball, ski, water balloon, wig, egg, bright underwear, golf club, skate board, eight ping pong balls, slinky, crazy straw, tennis racket, basketball, etc.
  • teams of 2

How to win:

be the team to hold the most stuff without dropping anything

How to play:

Collect a lot of big and small stuff. Place the stuff in a box and set it up front.

Select 2 kids. Assign one to be the “holder,” and one to be the “hander.” The hander selects an item from the box and hands it to the holder. The hander continues to do this until the holder drops something. Change places and repeat the game. The one who held the most stuff without dropping anything wins. Repeat with 2 more players if you have time.