Co-author of Breaking the Hex. How he got into children's ministry.

My background is in adult ministry. That’s the ministry where people don’t vomit during your message and they can leave to go pee without raising their hands. But here is how I got into children’s ministry.

After pastoring two churches I took a sweet gig as an associate pastor in Florida. It was a cushy job without much pressure where I got to sit in one of the big chairs on the platform. (Yes, that dates me.)

Then suddenly our children’s pastor left our church. He was very good. We tried to raise up someone from within the church to fill the position, but unfortunately that idea crashed. We were getting desperate.

So I said to the pastor, “Let me get in there to hold it together while we look for someone else.” I thought that was noble of me.

The pastor gave me the green light and said, “You do that, Roger.”

I jumped in with both feet.

My first Sunday I’m standing behind my little, wooden podium when the first kid enters children’s church and sits down in the front row. He looks up at me and says, “Who are you?”

“I’m Roger,” I replied.

“Well, we don’t want you,” he said emphatically, “we want Brother Larry.” He marched out of children’s church, which resulted in his return by a disgruntled mom. I got a mom-lecture because I didn’t even know that you can’t just let a kid leave children’s church. “Secure the premises” wasn’t even on my to-do list yet.

I had a lot to learn.

Three months went by and it dawned on me that we weren’t looking for a new children’s pastor. I was it! That’s how I got swept into children’s ministry. I later realized that’s how lots of people get into children’s ministry.

This was getting serious. “Is children’s ministry my new direction in life?” I asked. I never saw this coming. I never envisioned myself as a children’s pastor.

Then I was hooked.

Now I LOVE the opportunity to communicate the good news of the Gospel to kids. I love the freedom to create environments that are fun and spiritually vibrant. I love working with my team. I love the challenge.

Ministering to kids and families has been–and continues to be–a great ride! I might not have entered children’s ministry otherwise. I get the joy of seeing kids learn while having fun. I enjoy creating stuff that reaches kids. Through my Kidz Blitz travels I get to meet phenomenal children’s pastors and family ministers.

You never know where God will take you. So I’m glad I got swept led in. That’s my story of how I got into children’s ministry. I’m so glad I did.

how i got into children's ministry

Roger Fields leading Kidz Blitz Live at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX