Designate an area of your church parking lot for window painting. Station 2-4 people in the same location each week beginning 6 weeks before your event. Paint church staff cars before you offer it to the congregation so that when people arrive at church the first week you are painting, they are already excited about the idea and want their cars done too. At the conclusion of every church service announce that everyone who would like to can get their car windows painted to help spread the word around town about the event. If your parking lots are spread out over your church campus, have several paint locations. Make it easy for cars to pull in, get painted and pull back out quickly.

If your church uses parking ushers, here is an alternative method for window painting.

1. Use heavy-weight red and green 8 1/2” x 11” paper cut into fourths and give to your parking ushers to carr some of each color.

2. A parking usher will greet each car as it arrives and ask the driver if he would like his BACK windshield painted to promote the upcoming event.

3. If he says yes, the usher gives him a green card to place on his dash board. If he says no, he is given a red card to place on his dash board.

4. During the church service, the ushers walk around and paint the back windshield of each car with a green card.

The writing should be very big, so don’t use too much text. In large letters write FX Live or KIDZ BLITZ LIVE and your church web address, and in large numbers write the date of your event. Big and readable is the key and it should only be on windows. A back windsheild should look like this:

FX Live
6/15 7PM

Be sure your web site contains location, price, contact and any other important event information.

Various colors of Window Paint
can be purchased at your local discount store or from