A milestone church anniversary is a big deal! Because kids are the church of today, not the church of tomorrow, these anniversary celebrations are just as special for them as they are for adults. Maybe even more so. Have you ever asked a kid about the church he or she goes to? Most kids can tell you where they go, what they like about it and are quite proud of their church. I say all of that just to say, Don’t leave them out!

Kidz Blitz Live is an excellent way to celebrate a church anniversary, or “Birthday” in your children’s ministry. It’s also the easiest celebration with the biggest results.

  • Kidz Blitz Live is an easy event because you only need a handful of volunteers (8) for a very large number of kids.
  • Bringing in a big event sends the message to parents that on a special occasion like this, their kids are a valuable part of the church too, not just a side item.
  • A special event gives kids a reason to invite their friends who are not connected to church.
  • Kidz Blitz Live is high-octane and high-impact! Kids will have the time of their lives in church!

We have ideas to incorporate your church anniversary theme in with a Kidz Blitz Live show.

  1. Email your church mission statement or slogan to us 1-2 weeks before your event and your Kidz Blitz event Director will incorporate a “shout” during the event about it. This will help the kids learn and remember the mission of the church.
  2. Put your stage volunteers in church anniversary/birthday celebration t-shirts.
  3. Give each child a birthday goodie bag as they leave the program
  4. Add a banner to the stage set with the celebration theme. We will provide banner dimensions upon request and a prominent place in the Kidz Blitz Live set.

We are committed to sharing the love of Christ with kids in a fun and interactive way and being a servant to the local church.  I’ll even take it a step further-we want the adults to wish they were celebrating the church anniversary in kid’s church!