Your church or children’s ministry can raise money in a variety of creative, fun, and effective ways. Some of the most effective event fundraising can be centered around the event itself. Your group may choose to sell tickets or obtain sponsors. Browse the strategies below for some interesting, fun ideas for funding FX Live or Kidz Blitz Live.

Outreach Event Ticket Sales

The Fundraiser

Ticket Bundles: Sell “rows of 10 tickets” instead of selling single seats. For example, you can sell 50 rows that seat 8-10 people for $100 each. This method of selling tickets will:

  • Pay for the event, and even make additional money for your ministry.
  • Take the pressure off you to fill every seat and sell every ticket.
  • It gives 50 people the opportunity to share in the outreach ministry of this event.
  • Home groups can purchase a row.
  • Two people may even choose to go in on a row together.
  • If the event is in a neutral location, children’s ministries from other churches will normally buy some rows and bring some of their own kids.
  • Increase the likelihood that you will have unchurched people from your community invited and in attendance.
  • You retain 100% of the ticket proceeds after cost.

Sales Outlets

  • Facebook.
  • Church website.
  • Christian Schools.
  • Businesses owned by church members.
  • Before & after Sunday morning services.
  • Your local Christian bookstore.
  • Organize volunteers to sell tickets before the event date and at the door.

Promotion Outlets

  • Encourage your members to buy extra tickets to pass along to their unchurched friends.
  • Have your Senior Pastor endorse and “plug” the event from his heart and from the pulpit. The vision that this is a fun and invite-able event for outreach must be communicated.
  • During your weekend services, show the Kidz Blitz Live video clip.
  • Enlist the help of your church’s one “super-charged” men’s leader and women’s leader to spread the word.
  • Christian radio stations-ticket giveaways in exchange for broadcast time.
  • Church bulletin and newsletter.
  • Banners-create a custom banner to advertise your event.
  • Your local Christian bookstore-ask if you can put up posters or leave a stack of small flyers.
  • Social Media

Local Sponsorship

The Fundraiser

Local businesses usually like to support community activities, especially if they are offered some form of publicity in exchange.

  • Invite local sponsors to support your ministry and event.
  • Mention that any donations will receive a “thank you in the program.” This will also give them a tax break.

Getting Sponsors

  • Send out volunteers to canvas community businesses.
  • Invite business owners within your church to participate in the form of an announcement during Sunday services or in the church bulletin or newsletter.
  • Create a flyer or pamphlet that the business owner or manager can keep to think on. This is also useful if the person in charge is not available when you first visit. Make sure to include contact and event information (including how many people you expect to attend), and ad sizes/prices (if applicable).
  • You may want to provide complimentary tickets to all sponsors—this is a good way to invite unchurched people in the community.