How to get into BIG trouble as a children's pastorThere are lots of ways children’s pastors can get into hot water. Any that have been leading a children’s ministry for very long can attest to this. Here are some great ways to get into BIG trouble.

1. Spend money you don’t have. Nothing is more exciting than facing the administrator after you just obligated the church to pay for something that is not in the budget. You probably won’t do it again.

2. Injure a kid. You might want to make sure you don’t send any kids home with scrapes or scratches that weren’t there before church. Not good. Make sure your games/activities are safe and well supervised.

3. Let a kid escape. There is nothing fun about a parent showing up to collect their kid and he is no where to be found. Secure the premises. Don’t let anyone out until the parent shows up. Don’t ask me how I know about this one.

4. Baptize a kid without notifying the parents. Funny thing about parents. They really like to be present when their kid takes a big step in life. Make a phone call.

5. Say something critical of a kid or his family. Kids have amazing talent for repeating stuff you never should have said. Never say ANYTHING that you don’t want kids repeating in the car on their way home.

It’s not easy leading a children’s ministry. The responsibilities are enormous and the risk of doing something stupid always looms overhead. Be careful out there.