How to Plan for Kidz Blitz Live

So, your Kidz Blitz Live deposit has been paid and your event has been scheduled! Now what? Here are a few “next step” suggestions.

1. Verify that your big event is on the church calendar.
This may include reserving the specific stage you plan to have Kidz Blitz Live on. If you are having Kidz Blitz Live at a venue other than your church, you should have already verified that the venue is available for your date, so be sure to reserve it now.

2. Kidz Blitz Ministries will send you an event kit about a week after you schedule your Kidz Blitz Live. This kit will have a guide, posters, contact info for your coordinator, a W-9 form and a sales receipt for your deposit among other things. Your event coordinator at Kidz Blitz Ministries is available for questions any time from the day you book to the day your event happens.

3. Decide if you will be doing any of these features during your big event:
1. Giveaways or Door Prizes
2. Meal before or after for event attendees
3. Info packet or gift for first-time visitors
4. Info packet or gift for people making or interested in making a decision for Christ
5. Pre-show worship

4. Promote your Kidz Blitz Live to get a big crowd
See valuable information in the article How To Get a Big Crowd at Your Event.

5. Recruit Your Adult Volunteers
Lighting Operator (familiar with house lights) will train 2 hrs prior to start time. 
Sound Person (familiar with house sound system) will train 2 hrs prior to start time.
Two Team Captains (2 enthusiastic adults – 1 male and 1 female) will train 1.5 hrs prior to start time.
Tornado Operator (requires a strong adult man) will train 1.5 hrs prior to start time.
Scorekeeper (enthusiastic female) will train 1.5 hrs prior to start time.
Two “Security” Guards (incase a toddler rushes the stage LOL – male or female) will train 1.5 hrs prior to start time.
Two product table attendants (females preferred) arrive 45 minutes before start time.
Attendants   OPTIONAL
All volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.
*Read more about their roles in the Event Guidebook.

6. Follow Up
Once volunteers are chosen to fill these positions, follow up with phone calls and hold them responsible to arrive on time. It is very crucial that they do so. Have childcare arrangements for your volunteers during their training time if they need it.


See our Event Checklist

Print the first and last names of each volunteer next to his/her responsibility on the “Final Preparations” form found in your event kit. Give this to the event director when he arrives.
NOTE: Volunteers should wear casual, bright, solid colored clothing. Do NOT wear special costuming.

The event works best in the main auditorium. Gymnasiums are not ideal due to lighting and acoustic challenges. We recommend that chairs, pews, etc. be used for seating. Audience members sitting on the floor during the event is not ideal. Cover any ground outlets or vents located on stage.
Do not lay tarps or anything else over permanent flooring. Make a center aisle. Encourage families to sit together. Completely clear the platform prior to the event set-up time. Close the auditorium 2 hours before the event start time for volunteer training. Allow only volunteers to enter the auditorium. Please do not throw items into the crowd during or prior to the event.

Set-up for an evening event will take place the morning of the event. Set-up for a morning or early afternoon event will take place the evening before the event. This allows time for adjustments, repairs and restocking if necessary. Please provide two men to help unload and erect the set. Have the stage completely cleared prior to set-up.

Music will be played through your house sound system. The songs can be pre-loaded or provided to you on a CD or flash drive when we arrive. Request the digital files from your event coordinator at Kidz Blitz Ministries.
Please provide two microphones:
 1 Cordless Headset Mic
 1 Cordless Handheld Mic

Kidz Blitz Ministries allows the church to digitally record or video record your FX Live or Kidz Blitz Live event. In exchange for the rights to digitally record or video record, we ask that you provide an un-edited copy of the recording immediately following your event. The digital or video file must be saved as a Quicktime file in 422 Pro Res (preferred) or H264 (acceptable). Your event director will provide a portable hard drive for retrieving the file. As long as Kidz Blitz Ministries receives this file, the church has permission to duplicate and sell DVDs within the church.

Sometimes on stage it is hard to understand a child’s name. It helps the event director when all attendees wear a name tag. Please make these available on a table before families enter the auditorium.

Two Tables: Place two eight-foot tables in the foyer or entry way where people will pass them on their way into the auditorium. Provide two adult helpers to assist with product sales before and after the event. They should arrive 45 minutes prior to start time and stay 30 minutes after the event ends.

Please provide the following items:
2 Large Trash Cans with Liners
1 Roll of Paper Towels

We do not make a huge mess, but it will be necessary for someone from your crew to vacuum when the event is over. Nothing we do will stain, damage or leave any marks.

We recommend that you follow up with those who have made a confession of faith. A great tool for doing this is a DVD titled The Best Gift by Kidz Matter. It is a cartoon about a boy, a birthday, and the best gift ever! It can be purchased by calling Kidz Matter at 877.568.2437 or contacting them on the web at