Vacation Bible School keeps our summer at Kidz Blitz busy too. Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live are used often for VBS kick-off or grand finale events. Kids show up to a Sunday evening Kidz Blitz Live, have so much fun and want to return for the Monday-Friday VBS activities. Families are invited to the closing day of VBS for Fam Blitz Live to hear what their kids learned and to connect with the church.

Here are some ways to promote or advertise your VBS and get big numbers:

Advertise/Promote Your VBS in Local Hot Spots & Local Events

1. Some local theaters do free movies in summer. Hand out VBS information and a VBS-themed item as people exit.Marshmallow challenge

2. Sponsor a “Gas Buy Down” – work with a local gas station to have them lower cost of gas for so many cents per gallon for a limited time. Church covers the cost of the gas.

3. Place invitations with date, time and address of your church or VBS-themed toys in “Happy Meal” boxes or Chick-Fil-A kid’s meals.

4. Go to a local park where kids have baseball/softball, t-ball. Play a game to draw a crowd, then talk about the upcoming  VBS.

5. Have a banner professionally lettered, put on a pick-up truck and park it at a local Wal-Mart, Target, entrance to a school, ball field, etc.

6. Take flyers to a local baseball field during games in the weeks before VBS and personally hand them out.

7. Make placemats with the date, location, etc. and put on tables of local diners and restaurants. (with permission of course)

8. Place flyers in takeout sacks. Works well if you have a restaurant owner in your congregation.

9. Hand out balloons with your church logo on them and VBS registration cards at a local festival/parade that is closest to VBS date.

Advertise/Promote Your VBS in Local Schools

10. Hand out invitations to moms in school pick-up lines.

11. Invite area daycare centers.

12. Set up a VBS info table and register children at local after-school programs, such as Boys and Girls Clubs. (Parents must register children to obtain proper information on the family for prospects for your church.)

13. Give schools flyers and door knockers to send home.

14. Handout coloring contest papers in a parade to be entered in a contest. Coloring pages need to be turned in the first day of VBS. Be sure to have return instructions on the page!

15. Use a local elementary school’s database of addresses to mail invitations.

Family game at Fam Blitz Live

16. Host an outreach at a school parking lot or local park with free food and games for children.

Advertise/Promote Your VBS in Neighborhoods

17. Host a BBQ cook-off as a block party with inflatables.

18. Post yard signs in church member’s yards.

19. Offer classes for parents/adults such as, parenting, finance, single adults, deaf, senior adults, etc. in conjunction with your VBS time.

20. Canvas the neighborhood with door hangers, prayer walks and visits.

21. Utilize your bus/van ministry to advertise VBS.

22. Take family photos in front of your VBS theme the first night. Announce this on your invitations and when you canvas.

23. Target and promote to Spanish speaking only and provide VBS classes for them.

24. Host a VBS parade through a neighborhood throwing out candy and flyers about VBS.

25. Make refrigerator magnets with the date of VBS to place on metal doors in the neighborhoods.

26. Place yard signs (25′ on “H” stakes) in a 1-mile radius of the church property.

27. Recruit church teenagers to canvas nearby neighborhoods and go door to door inviting kids to VBS.

Ways to Advertise/Promote your VBS in Your ChurchBoys cheering at Kidz Blitz Live

28. Let your church kids promote VBS by giving them VBS themed t-shirts long before VBS to wear to school, sports practices, etc.

29. Distribute theme-related items as invitations.

30. Enter a child’s name for a free gaming system every time they bring a friend to VBS.

31. Give invitations to kids to hand out at school.

32. Have a really big, fun free kick-off like Kidz Blitz Live.

33. Each week leading up to VBS, give kids 2 VBS-theme related treats – one to keep and one to give to a friend.

34. Invite people who come to your food ministry to come back for VBS.

35. Give kids who bring friends and neighbors a certificate for a free Dairy Queen for themselves and their friend.

Crazy Island VBS

36. Host a block party or Family Fun Night (with Fam Blitz Live!) at your church with prayer tents, popcorn machines, clothing drives, cook out, VBS registrations.

37. Offer a pet care/wash in church parking lot. Hand-out goody bags promoting VBS and other community events and businesses.

38. Invite church members to involve their un-churched friends to help where they are helping.

39. Have a VBS registration table set-up on special days when more un-churched attend such as, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

40. If you host Upward or other community youth sport league, at your last game, dress in VBS themed attire and do a devotion using VBS materials and invite families to attend.

Advertise/Promote Your VBS in Social and Local Media

41. Advertise VBS in newspapers and regional event publications like the fliers that are free in doctor’s offices.Kids praying at Kidz Blitz Live

42. Advertise your “community announcement” on local radio stations.

43. Put an ad in your local newspaper two weeks prior to your VBS.

44. Set up a Facebook page or event page dedicated to your VBS and invite parents on your friends list or who already like your church Facebook to join it.

Advertise/Promote Your VBS with Food Incentives

45. Serve lunch! If you feed them, they will come.

46. Set up a “coffee tent” to give away coffee to parents when they bring their children, and invite them to stay for a short Bible study.

Advertise/Promote Your VBS Together with Neighbor Churches

47. Post billboards in conjunction with other churches doing the same theme on different dates. Promote the theme and list all the dates and times along major highways in town.

48. Do a blanket mailing with other churches who are doing the same VBS theme on different dates.

I hope you found the ideas you need from this list to advertise and promote your VBS. If you haven’t settled on your curriculum yet, please take a look at Crazy Island VBS from Blitz. It was written by the people who created Kidz Blitz Live and it is grace-based and Bible-strong.

-Roger Fields (Prez of Blitz Ministries)