Blitz Games: Improv What?

You will need:

  • a big bag full of various/random items to use as props such as: pool noodle, spatula, large hat, toddler’s shape sorter, one shoe, etc.
  • kids broken into groups of 4 to 7

How to win:

have an impartial judge choose the best skit or just play to have fun

How to play:

Players divide into teams of 4-7 people. The facilitator gives each group 3 props and tells the team they need to develop a skit.

It can be helpful if the facilitator gives some options for the storyline. Things like (worst day ever, treasure hunt, or school dance).

Give the teams several minutes to develop their skits.

When it is time to begin, everyone gathers around and the teams present their skits in front of the other teams.


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