Indicators You Might be too Spiritual
Some of you are just a little bit too spiritual for your own good. Is that you? Here’s how to find out.

1. Always Waiting on God.

Do you find yourself pining for something to happen without taking any steps?

Are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you?

Paul did not wait for God to tell him where to start churches. He was on the go when God directed him.

It is hard to hear God’s leading while sitting on your sofa doing nothing.

2. Use too Much Religious Lingo.

Do you use spiritual terms unnecessarily?

You can trust Jesus and have full confidence in Him without using God-speak.

Spiritual terms do not impress God or anyone else.

Just say it the same way you would order a hamburger at McDonald’s.

Be simple. Be clear.

I have been in ministry for a long time and I still don’t know what some people are saying sometimes when they use over-the-top spiritual jargon.

3. Use God to Excuse Your Laziness.

Are you expecting God to do what you could do? Laziness is not a fruit of the Spirit.

After the Israelites collected free manna in the dessert for forty years they went into the promised land where the manna stopped.

They didn’t need manna any more because they could live off the land. They tilled, planted and harvested.

God provided miraculously when there was no other option.

When the people could provided for themselves they did.

4. Go to Church too Much.

Are you over-churched? More church meetings will not solve your problems.

It is important to stay connected with a local church where you can worship and receive encouragement, but simply attending more services is never the solution.

5. Take on Spiritual Obligations That Aren’t Yours.

Do you feel responsible for the spiritual development of others?

Are you burdened that your kids or parents are not serving God?

Maybe you are trying to be their savior.

It could be that your role is to reflect the joy of the Lord rather than feeling depressed about their spiritual condition.

6. Afraid Making A Mistake Will Destroy God’s Plan For You.

Does the fear of making the wrong decision paralyze you?

Do you feel that if you make a wrong decision God won’t be able to help you?

Every example of faith in the Bible is from people who made mistakes.

Some of them made HUGE mistakes.

But God still directed their lives in spite of their misdirections.

God can redeem your stumbles.

What are your thoughts? Can you be TOO spiritual?