New Kidmin Acronyms

Does your kidmin team know these new acronyms?

  1. MVDSUA: My Volunteers Didn’t Show Up Again. “Ugh. Another MVDSUA Sunday.”

  2. INABB: I Need A Bigger Budget. “Dear Pastor, INABB.”

  3. WITKTTSR: Where Is The Key To The Supply Room? “Fred, WITKTTSR?”

  4. IBCOY: Is Big Church Out Yet? “Hey, Betty! IBCOY?”

  5. PKOTL:  Pastor’s Kid On The Loose. “Hey team, be careful. PKOTL.”

  6. SGC: Spilled Goldfish Crackers. “We got an SBC in the sixth row.”

  7. UP: Upset Parent. “Caution. UP at information desk.”

  8. VIP: Vomit In Progress. “We got a VIP in the nursery.”

  9. KESP: Kid Escaped, Secure Premises: “The third grade class issued a KESP this morning!”

  10. VQ: Volunteer Quit: “We had no VQs this quarter.”