children's ministry game - balloon rouletteFun and exciting games are a great addition to your children’s ministry program.

Use this game as a “just for fun” activity at a weekend service, midweek service or upcoming event.

It’s perfect as an end of summer or back to school game.

How to Win

Do the challenges successfully.


Play the game with a group of 10-15 preteens as an upfront stage game (if you have a large group).

Another option is to have all players play the game. If you choose this option, then split up the group into teams of 10-15 players, who each play the game in that small group. This option works great for all size groups.

Topic Ideas

This game works well as an opener on the topic of “following God’s instructions” or “obedience.”

Talk about how completing the challenges was important when playing the game. Just like in life how it is important to follow God’s instructions (or obey God).


10-15 balloons (if playing as an upfront stage game)

One balloon per player (if everyone is playing)

One slip of paper with challenge written on it per balloon

How to Play

Blow up 10-15 balloons and put challenges written on slips of paper inside.

(E.g. for younger kids the challenges should be easy like: pat your head and rub your tummy; for older kids make the challenges harder and consider giving them a certain time to complete the tasks.)

All players sit in a circle and the “Challenge Balloon” is handed to one of the players.

When the music starts, the balloon is passed around the circle.

When the music stops, whoever has the balloon has to pop it and do the challenge. If they succeed, they get a prize.

Challenge Ideas

• Whistle your favorite song
• Make an animal sound
• Stand on your head
• Do 10 jumping jacks
• Hum the Star Spangled Banner (just a little)
• Snap your fingers
• Spin around 5 times
• Tell everyone your favorite TV show and why
• Spell your name backwards
• Make your funniest face
• Lick your elbow (or just try real hard)
• Feel free to come up with your own challenges