5 Reasons People Don't Want You as Their Leader

Are you struggling as a leader?

Does it seem like people don’t want to follow you?

There may be some simple reasons.

Here it is without the sugarcoating:

1. You are arrogant.

You seem to be full of yourself. You have all the ideas.

Everyone else around you feels unnecessary.

2. You don’t listen.

You don’t try to hear what others are saying.

You talk before you understand what is happening.

3. You don’t communicate.

You seem to think everyone around you has a crystal ball and should know what you are thinking.

You assume people understand what you are trying to accomplish.

4. You don’t have a vision.

You don’t appear to be going anywhere, or at least not anywhere exciting.

You don’t seem to know the goals.

5. You are negative.

You are an expert at finding the downside to anything.

You see problems instead of possibilities. You are a raincloud.

Which one of these strikes a chord with you? 

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