This heart felt open letter to a critic from Roger Fields has gone viral and I am sure you’ll see why. We welcome the constructive cristicism in that comment line. Roger took to heart the idea that anyone could mistake Kidz Blitz or Fam Blitz events as shallow or lacking Bible. He is proud that Blitz events bring the family together in a fun and entertaining way but even more proud to be a part of this vehicle that brings families closer to the One and only Savior, Jesus Christ.

Watch Roger’s open letter video to “George”.

Why do we do Blitz events?

1.     We love providing an event that brings families together in an exciting, shared experience while also strengthening their faith. We want to be the masters of “something for everyone” in the most exciting way. Think of it as High-Octane family time for all ages! Blitz events do that. We help families make memories together.

2.     We want to see people involved. The interactive style of Blitz events engages kids and adults of ALL ages. The fast-paced style means that nobody gets bored. Just by showing up you will find yourself on either Team Mosquito or Team Jelly Fish, depending on which side of the auditorium you sit. We turn spectators into participants.

3.     We are passionate about communicating a message of God’s love and grace. We give people an opportunity to trust Jesus as their Savior. We let them pray with us in their seats. We never pressure people or prolong the invitation, but we feel it is important to provide an opportunity to receive Christ. Everyone will understand that it’s not about what we do for God, but about what he did for us through Jesus. It never gets old seeing people of all ages respond to the grace of God.

That is why we travel all over America to churches in every mainline denomination to conduct high-energy shows.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our family ministry with you! -Roger Fields