Never say any of this stuff to a children’s pastor. Just don’t do it. Ever.

holding onto knots

  • Do you think you’ll have a real ministry someday?

  • When I was growing up in church we didn’t need to have fun.

  • What do you do with all that money the board gives you?

  • You’re disturbing the MAIN service.

  • Choir members shouldn’t have to work in the nursery.

  • How come VBS is only five days long?

  • You don’t mind taking care of the children during the staff retreat do you?


cotton nose game

  • I don’t think anyone will mind if we add another worship service.

  • Just announce it in the bulletin if you need more workers.

  • I’ll bet you enjoy this as much as the kids do.

  • After church lets out I need to talk to someone, just keep my kids in children’s church for a while until I get back.

  • My kid says you won’t even last as long as the last one.

  • I told the pastor what happened in children’s church.

  • But I’ve been teaching the class this way for over forty years.