Blitz Games: Oreo Blitz

You will need:

  • box of Oreos and a container to put them in
  • 4 kids

How to win:

catch the most cookies in your mouth in one minute

How to play:

Twist all the Oreo cookies apart. Place the halves with the filling in a pan. Select four kids, two teams of two. Designate
a kid on each team to be a “catcher” and the other to be a “masher.”

The masher presses the Oreo onto the forehead of the catcher giving it a light twist to adhere it to the catcher’s forehead. The catcher sticks his/her tongue out and tries to catch the cookie as it falls. The masher then sticks another cookie on the catcher’s forehead. The first catcher to eat the most Oreos in 1 minute wins.

Variation: This can be made into a team game. Create 2 teams of 3 kids each. When the first eater has successfully eaten, the feeder then sits down, and a third team member feeds him. This continues until the first eater gets to the position where he is now the feeder and feeds the last member of the team.