girl-and-gator-snotI’ve done some whoppers! Having conducted Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live events for seventeen years in many of the largest churches in America, I have had some embarrassing moments. Sometimes things go wacko. When that happens, it is helpful to know how to handle it.

Here are some of my most embarrassing moments.

  1. I once selected a girl for the jump rope game with no arms. Before she got to the stage I had her wait on the front row. I then selected her for another game that didn’t involve the use of arms.
  2. A boy suspended in the harness yelled out, “It’s crushing my balls!”
  3. I conducted an entire FX Live event with a big rip in the seat of my pants. They told me after the event was over.
  4. Two large plastic, lighted columns over heated and melted. They slumped over just as the event concluded.
  5. One adult in a harness blurted out, “I gotta pee!” We released her and she fled the auditorium.

Here are some suggestions for surviving an onstage embarrassment.

  1. Do NOT try to cover it up if it is already obvious.
  2. Do NOT look rattled or frustrated. The audience will respond to the way you act.
  3. Incorporate it into what is happening, if possible. When the boy in the harness complained about the discomfort of his private parts I responded with, “OK, we just lost our PG rating.” Another time after something similar I said, “Billy, did you know this is a FAMILY event?”
  4. Laugh about it. You have to make it clear that YOU think it is funny.
  5. Make a BIGGER deal out of it than it already is. Announce what just happened. The old adage is that you “hang a flag on it.” You may be embarrassed, but the crowd will love it.
  6. Forget it and move on.
Hey, onstage mishaps happen to the best of us. Shrug it off. Now get out there and kill it.