Blitz Games: SWAT Team Game

We know what your kidmin needs: more free games! Well, we have free games for ya! Here is a free game and it’s Blitz-approved. What does Blitz-approved mean? We put the free game through our Blitz criteria of “Is the game as much fun to watch as it is to play?”

You will need:

  • plastic bugs
  • 2 fly swatters
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 teams of 2 (4 kids)

How to win:

be the team to get the most bugs in your bucket

How to play:

Assign each team a Tosser and a Swatter. Stand both Tossers side-by-side and a few feet apart. Place a bucket several feet in front of each Tosser. Behind each bucket place the opposing teams Swatter so that each Tosser is facing the Swatter from the other team. Hand the Swatters each a fly swatter. Place a large bowl of plastic bugs between the 2 Tossers.

The Tossers try to toss their bugs into their buckets while the Swatters try to swat them away. The Swatters can not move away from behind the bucket. The team with the most bugs in their bucket after all the bugs are tossed or 60 seconds is up wins.

Gather up the bugs and let 2 more teams try to beat record.