4 Most Powerful Words

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The 4 Most Powerful Words in Children's Ministry So what are the four most powerful (non-spiritual) words in children's ministry? What four words can light up any kid? What four words can get any kid's attention? These are the best words to use in kid ministry over and over again every week. They [...]

Tissue Tote

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You will need: tissues straws 2 teams of 5 kids each How to win: be the first team to pass all five tissues from the front of the line to the back using only the straws How to play: Select two teams of five kids, and make two [...]

Hold It Right There!

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You will need: a big box lots of stuff to put in the box like: beach ball, ski, water balloon, wig, egg, bright underwear, golf club, skate board, eight ping pong balls, slinky, crazy straw, tennis racket, basketball, etc. teams of 2 How to win: be the team [...]


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You will need: Cheetos 3 chairs tarp or vinyl tablecloth rubber or latex gloves 3 teams of 2 kids each How to win: be the team to finish all your Cheetos first How to play: You may want to spread a tarp or vinyl tablecloth [...]

Santa Beard Game

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You will need: bowls of cotton something sticky like honey or vaseline How to win: be the team that has the most cotton balls stuck to faces in a specified period of time, or the first to empty the bowl How to play: On one side of the room [...]

Stocking Face Tug A War

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You will need: 4 stockings per round wide open space 4 kids per round How to win: be the last one with the stocking still left on your head How to play: Tie 4 stockings together at the feet. Then pull the top of each stocking (waist band end) [...]