The Few

So you quit children’s ministry…

Say what you want about being a children’s pastor. The fact is this: you are in an ELITE GROUP. There are few who would ever attempt what you do. Very few.

You prepare weekly Bible content that reaches kids. You recruit, train and motivate a team of children’s ministry volunteers who may or may not show up on a whim. You relate to kids of all ages, volunteer workers, church staff and parents effectively. And then you organize the whole crazy thing into effective ministry. Because of your ministry, most of the short humans you encountered will still love Jesus as adults.

Not many can do what you do. It is NOT easy. It can/will/did get challenging.

You quit. Sometimes just in your own head. Sometimes officially.

You stay. Some of you will lead a children’s ministry for a long time…and others only for a short time.

All of us in kidmin hate to see you leave. We want you to stay but the truth is this: children’s ministry is not for everybody. Sometimes I have given the impression that if you are committed to the Lord and love kids then you will stay no matter what. I think that is a bit harsh.

No one should feel guilted into ministry. It is a calling, not an obligation.

Most people wouldn’t or couldn’t do it AT ALL. For whatever length of time you invested in children’s ministry, be it 6 months or 25 years, I am your fan.

You are THE FEW, the finest.

Roger Fields