switch in my brain

The Toggle Switch In My Brain

by Roger Fields

There is a toggle switch in my brain. The right side is for creativity. The left side is for organization. Both work but never at the same time.

I can be creative or I can be organized. I cannot be creative AND organized on the same day. Most days the switch is on the creative side which means my office—and my life—are messy.

When the toggle stays to the right too long my office becomes a danger zone. Small children have been known to wander in it for days before being rescued. Unknown species of plants sprout up. There is a rumor that Black Beard hid his treasure chest in my office knowing it would never be discovered. I turn down requests from archaeologists who want to take excursions.

Creativity is my wheelhouse. That’s the world I live in. My gears never stop trying to crank out ideas that we can use in Kidz Blitz, Fam Blitz, Crazy Island VBS or something else. Some good; some are ridiculous. My toggle defaults to the right. And it gets stuck there.

And before you can ask, yes. I have read organizational strategies and I could do them. I just can’t be creative at the same time. There is no middle setting on the toggle switch in my brain.

Then one day about every six months I crack. I cannot take it anymore. The piles are slowing me down.

For those of you like me, here are my favorite options if your piles are slowing you down too:

  1. Quit the ministry.
  2. Burn down your office. (be sure to leave the helium tank in there)
  3. Lock a goat inside your office for a week. (remove the goldfish crackers so he will be good and hungry)
  4. File a false police report and claim you’ve been vandalized.


Toggle to the Left

So I force the toggle switch in my brain to the left and I drag a big garbage can into my office. Let the renovation begin. Everything goes one of three places: an existing file, a new file or the trash. My motto: if in doubt, throw it out.

When I am in left-toggle-organizational-mode, nothing is safe. I know this mode will not happen for another six months so I make hay while the sun is shining. Translation: I throw away a lot of stuff. We have our own dumpster and I use it to the max.

I drag all boxes, other cardboard items and wood items to a burn pit where I light up a fire that can be seen from the space station.

Then I repeat the process in the Kidz Blitz workshop.

When it is all done I pound my chest and proclaim myself the king of organization. Then the toggle flips itself back to default mode and I settle in for another wild ride for six months.

If this is you too, but you aren’t satisfied with the manic, pants-on-fire approach, I have 2 words for you… Jim Wideman.

My way’s not pretty but it works for me…sometimes.