Blitz Games: Ultimate Chicken

Rubber Chicken Game

You will need:

  • a rubber chicken

  • large rectangular playing area with “end zones” marked
  • 2 teams of 7

How to win:

Be the team that get’s the chicken into their “end zone” most for the most points.

How to play:

What could be better than a game with rubber chickens? We use rubber chickens to keep score at Fam Blitz Live events and as part of the Ultimate Chicken and Bone Challenge during Kidz Blitz Live events. Rubber chickens can replace a ball in almost any game and make it that much more fun. Give it a try! rubber chicken game

Divide students into two even teams. Ideally, you would have 7 players on each team, but this is a flexible rule. (Or, play tournament style with multiple teams.)

You need a rectangular playing field or room. However, you can modify your game based on the size of the space you have available to you.

Players play the length of the field, defending an “end zone” behind them and trying to score in the “end zone” in front of them.

You score by flinging the rubber chicken, frisbee style, to a teammate in the opposing team’s end zone where they must catch it.

If at any time a player has the chicken, they must stand still and find a teammate to throw the rubber chicken to. Only people without the chicken can run and move.

The winning team has the most points in the time allotted OR has reached the pre specified number of points first.

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