Crazy Island Vacation Bible School
Crazy Island Vacation Bible School

FAQ About Crazy Island Vacation Bible School

Every Vacation Bible School program is a little different. Crazy Island VBS is probably more unique than most. We hope these answers to frequently asked questions will help you make the right decision for your church.


Could I use this as a 3-day Vacation Bible school program instead of 5 days? Yes, you could but you would need to condense the storyline 5 day storyline into 3 days. You could easily eliminate some of the games and two of the Note in the Bottle bullying segments. You would also need to double up two of the days on showing the Louie videos on the life of Jacob. These are only 5-minutes or less so as a result it is easy to show more than one in a general session.


Does this Vacation Bible School material include crafts? No. it does not. This approach to Vacation Bible School relies heavily on videos, skits, games and some other forms of interaction but it does not use crafts.


Is there a preschool portion of this Vacation Bible School? No, but it will work for preschoolers if you do two things. First, instruct your small group leaders (we call them Tribal Leaders) to exclude the bullying portion and retell the Jacob Bible story in simple terms. Most preschoolers like the action in the Big Beach Gatherings even though they might not volunteer to go on stage.


Do the cast of characters (volunteers) need a lot of rehearsal to do the skits in Crazy Island Vacation Bible School? No, there are several ways you can do the skits. First, you can just have them read their lines. Kids connect with the actual characters (Pilot, Jo Mac, Calamity Calvin and Hurricane Hannah) more than the precise lines. Second, you can allow the characters improvise as long as they get the main ideas across. They can bring their own personalities to their character. Three, they can memorize the lines the day before. Even then, it is not a big deal if they mess up a particular line. Allow them to have fun with this.


Who wrote this Vacation Bible School material? Roger Fields, the creator of Kidz Blitz.  He has been writing children’s ministry materials for over 20 years. This is his third Vacation Bible School curriculum. He teaches and trains at most children’s ministry conferences. He is the co-author of Breaking The Hex, a book about freedom in Christ based on Galatians 3.


Who publishes this Vacation Bible School program? Blitz Ministries is the publisher. We are best known for Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live. We conduct these super-charged, live events throughout America in all major denominations.