VBS Plane Disappears Over Pacific Ocean (Fictional Story)

VBS News Report

PACIFIC OCEAN (AP) – A Boeing 747 mysteriously vanished over the Pacific Ocean en route to Hawaii. The plane was carrying 243 children, 11 children’s ministry volunteers and a children’s pastor.

The plane left Los Angeles at 9:27a.m. Thursday on Delta flight 1702. Approximately three hours later the passenger plane disappeared. The Lead Pastor from the church reported that the group was going on a mission trip to Molokai, Hawaii. “This was a mission trip and VBS combined,” said Pastor Crumpton. “Our entire church is praying that they will be back by Sunday.” Pastor Crumpton went on to say if passengers were found he was promising to treat the Children’s Pastor better in the future and increase the Children’s Ministry budget by 50%.

Officials say the plane vanished from radar shortly after a distress signal went out. One official said the pilot was overheard saying, “Calvin, what are you doing? Get back in your seat.” Then all communications went silent.


Well-known Pacific Ocean resident, Louie, claims he doesn’t know anything about the incident. He mumbled something about hoping those kids don’t end up on Crazy Island with that Full Motion Gorilla that runs around over there. Officials are puzzled by Louie’s disturbing comments.

The U.S. Coast Guard has begun search and rescue operations covering 1600 square miles but have yet to find any clues leading to the VBS airplane.

There is no word on why the plane went down and the cause of the disappearance is under investigation.

VBS Plane

The above news report is a fictional account in association with Crazy Island VBS.


Apparently, Calvin (known widely as “Calamity Calvin”) tried to rewire the plane’s television to connect with the Disney Channel. It seems he got into the plane’s navigational system by mistake and rewired it. The navigational system went haywire and the plane splashed down into the Pacific Ocean. At the time, no one knew why the plane lost control. There was no crash, just a splashdown into the water. All the passengers made it safely to Crazy Island. It was not until the next day that Calvin revealed what he did that made the plane go down. Hurricane Hannah was not amused.

All the passengers were rescued five days later when Calvin’s cell phone went off and Jo Mac used it to call the Coast Guard. They lost Hurricane Hannah and almost left her behind, but they found her just in time. Other than that, the rescue went off smoothly and everyone was taken safely back home. Even the Mystery Castaway left with the Coast Guard to return home. That’s a whole other story. Oh, MoGo, the Full Motion Gorilla, did not go back with them. He likes Crazy Island.

How do we know all of this? This account is straight from Louie. He lives on Louie Island, not far from Crazy Island. He always knows what’s happening on Crazy Island. We don’t know how he knows all of this stuff but he does. Where does he get his information? We do not know and he’s not telling. That’s just Louie for you.

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