Recruiting Children’s Ministry Workers

Sometimes, the things we do in children’s ministry work against us. And one of the things we do is beg for volunteers. Everyone needs more workers. Recruiting children’s ministry workers is a checky box on our To Do lists everyday. I get that. But when we beg for volunteers we are really tamping down what it means to work in children’s ministry. I mean, can you imagine if Jesus had done that? If at the end of the Sermon on the Mount, He said something like, “before everybody goes we’re still 3 disciples short of our 12. If you would like to be a disciple see Pete on your way out. Sign up with him and we will put you in the discipleship ministry.”

I mean, if He had done that, what would you have thought? Well, you would have thought what they would’ve thought. And that is, it must not be a big deal to be a disciple if the requirement is you just sign up with Pete on the way out. You know, we do the same thing though. When we just willy nilly ask people to sign up for Children’s Ministry we are giving the impression that we will take anyone who can fog a mirror. If you’re a living breathing soul and you’ve never been convicted of anything that starts with a P then we will put you in children’s ministry.

And what we are doing is dumbing it down. We need to go after, target, the best people in the church to invite them, give them a personal invitation, to work in a valuable ministry that we call children’s ministry. We can out the right people in the right place. Go after them. Don’t be bashful. Go after the people who can take the ministry to the next level.

-Roger Fields
Prez of Blitz Ministries