Taking Over Big Church

I conducted three FX Live events in Chicago this past weekend. All were packed out adult worship services: one Saturday night and two on Sunday morning. The posters around church proclaimed in big letters: “We’re takin’ over big church!” And that’s what we did.

Though FX Live events include participation from adults as well as kids, the pastor was clear: the church was dedicating these Big Church services to the kids. He pointed out that kids were being murdered in Chicago in record numbers. That past week alone several were shot and killed. One was only Four. Years. Old.

Our culture has become a brutal place for kids to grow up. Violence is on the rise. Domestic abuse abounds. Schools are zones for bullies. The media bombards kids with deviant sexual messages and images. Music is degrading.

In 2015, churches don’t need business as usual.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. We set a new tone in church when we allow the kids to be front and center. Maybe it’s time we think about takin’ over big church.