Many of us have tried a whack-a-mole approach to life. We spent our effort focused on tamping down sin. Anytime a sin would raise its ugly head–which is quite often–we would work to smash it back down below the surface. 

The problem is that the whack-a-mole technique is never ending. No matter how many times we attempted to knock a sin back down it would always come back.

Just about the time we were able to knock selfishness back into its hole, unforgiveness would pop up. Then by the time we knocked unforgiveness back into its hole, bitterness and lust would pop up. 

It was a never ending cycle of failure. But worst of all it would take our focus off of the love and acceptance of our Father God. 

What started as a relationship with Jesus unraveled into a system of self-effort, frustration and futility. A win-less game.

That is not the life Jesus carved out for you when He died, resurrected and gave you His life. There is a better way.

A Jesus-focused life produces freedom; a sin-focused life produces frustration. A Jesus-focused life produces fruit; a sin-focused life produces…more sin.

Living on this side of the cross means daily trusting in the life that Jesus lives in you and through you.

Let Him whack the moles. He’s better at it.