Who Are They?

–by Roger Fields

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Let’s play a game. I am thinking of a specific group of people. Who are they?

Let me describe them to you.


  1. Worship the one, true God
  2. Sing praises to God
  3. Read scripture
  4. Pray regularly
  5. Uphold virtues and values
  6. Love God
  7. Care for the poor
  8. Gather together weekly
  9. Give back to God
  10. Practice spiritual disciplines
  11. Take care of each other
  12. Hate sin
  13. Believe God for healing, provision and protection
  14. Seek God’s will
  15. Serve God
  16. Build strong families

Who are they? Be careful how you answer that. I am not talking about Christians, although Christians often display these traits.

I am describing Jews. Jews had all of that before Jesus. ALL of it.

They worshipped God, sang praises, read scripture, prayed, upheld virtues/values, loved God, cared for the poor, gathered weekly, tithed, practiced disciplines, took care of each other, hated sin, had faith in God for healing/provision/protection, sought God’s will, served God and built strong families. And more. We know that scripturally and historically.

So here’s the question. What did Jesus bring to people that they did not ALREADY have?

The Jewish people already had a LOT before Jesus but Jesus clearly brought SOMETHING they didn’t already have. Otherwise Jesus coming to earth would have been pointless. What did He bring? What was it?

The defining question of ministry is: What are we bringing to families and kids that wasn’t already available before Jesus?

How do YOU answer that question? Comment below.

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