Why Jesus is Better Than Santa

  • Santa comes one day a year.
 JESUS is with you everyday all year long.
  • Santa has a few little elves.
 JESUS has multitudes of strong angels.
  • Santa is fat. 
JESUS is mighty.
  • Santa comes from the North Pole.
 JESUS came from Heaven.
  • Santa lives in a little house far away.
 Jesus will live inside of you.
  • Santa sits at the mall.
 JESUS sits at the right hand of God.
  • Santa will eat your milk and cookies.
 Jesus will give you daily bread.
  • Santa needs a sleigh to stay above the snow.
 JESUS walks on water.
  • Santa has to slide down your chimney to get into your house.
 JESUS can go through a closed door.
  • Nobody is sure whose family Santa came from. 
JESUS is the Son of God.
  • Santa says, “You better not cry.”
 JESUS blesses those who mourn.
  • Santa has to ask your name when you visit him.
 JESUS already knows your name.
  • Santa needs a list to remember anything.
 JESUS never forgets what you say to Him.
  • Santa only listens to at the mall.
 JESUS will listen to you anytime, anywhere.
  • Santa gives stuff that wears out.
 JESUS gives everlasting life.
  • Santa is a cute idea.
 JESUS…is, well, REAL.