VBS director

VBS directors have the organizational skills of Marie Kondo, the work ethic of well…a children’s pastor, creative minds like Bob Ross and a heart of gold. But look, even if you aren’t the super human described above, that’s how you look to us outsiders watching you pull off an awesome VBS every year. I would love to know what you are most excited for with this year’s VBS. What is your WOW factor? Drop a comment below, please.

It ain’t easy being the VBS Director. Here are 17 things you might relate to…

1. Your office has a theme. Sometimes jungle, ocean, desert, space or all of them together.

2. You think VBS stands for Very Busy Summer.

3. More kids attend your church in June than live in your state.

4. Summer doesn’t start for you until VBS is over.

5. You blew your VBS budget and all you got were 47 starter kits.

6. You tasted Elmers Glue accidentally.

7. You tasted Elmers Glue on purpose.

8. You belong to an Elmer’s Glue Abusers support group.

9. You can build pretty much anything with a few popsicle sticks.

10. You bought a unique VBS program only to discover six other churches on your street advertising the same program.

11-17 Continued Below

11. The Sunday School Superintendent at your church is stalking your volunteers.

12. You have glitter in your teeth.

13. You fall asleep at night listening to the sweet sounds of your preschool rhythm band.

14. People in your church appear to feel sorry for you.

15. The worship leader still brings up “what happened to his mic stand at VBS last year” in meetings

16. You notice the maintenance director coincidently takes his vacation each year during VBS.

17. You’re willing to set aside your life to see a few kids come to the Lord.