zany + action = zaniak


[ZAN-ee-ak] noun, plural zaniaks

  1. A zany action/challenge that looks like a game but without the competitive edge. A zaniak focuses more on the game action, not the outcome of the game.
  2. A Kidz Blitz zany action/game/challenge used in Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live.

Zaniak Lab

LUCY (Safety Director); LOUIE (Data Analyst); FRANC (Experimental Engineer)

zaniak-sign300PURPOSE OF ZANIAKS

  • To get kids involved by turning them from spectators into participants.
  • To provide a cool action game that feels like a game without the stigma normally associated with losing. For instance, most kids do not feel defeated by not being a world-class flipper jumper.
  • To do something zany that looks fun even if you are not the one playing it.
  • To help a kid just be a kid.
  • To learn teamwork. Some zaniaks require kids to play/work together.
  • To learn how to win and lose in an environment that emphasizes the activity itself and minimizes the outcome.

flipper-jump600 EXAMPLES (just to name a few)…

  • Flipper Jump
  • Hovering Marshmallow Attack
  • Hula Balloon
  • Cube Stuff
  • TP Blast
  • Cotton Ball Nose
  • Flying Donut Chew
  • and a bunch more!

TP Wrap

as seen across America in

Kidz Blitz Live and Fam Blitz Live

Harness Game

are you a Zaniak Maniac? (take the test)

  1. Do you like have a lot of high-octane, heart-pounding fun? Y/N
  2. Are you tired of traditional games involving running or throwing a ball? Y/N
  3. Are you competitive but not crazy-in-the-head competitive? Y/N

If you answered YES to all of these then you are a bonafide Zaniak Maniac!

Download the Zaniak book of games HERE