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What People Are Saying About Blitz!

It was so easy to set up and put on so many people were surprised… We would love to work with y’all on future events.


Midland, TX

I was amazed and thrilled at Kidz Blitz. It was enjoyable because it included children and parents, which is so needed. It was fun, and directed toward scripture and Jesus. I salute all involved.


Houston, TX

 “…so many stories of individuals who were invited and came to Christ through the event. Here’s one story. A 3rd grader who attends our church had been bullied by a girl at school. She had been very hurt emotionally, but decided to go to the bully and tell her she had forgiven her. She then invited the bully to come to the event with her. The bully came and walked forward to accept Christ as her Savior. That story could be told many times over.”


Palm Beach, FL

Our event was EPIC!! Best thing we have ever done… Not only did we have an outstanding turnout, we were just delighted at the number of new faces that got to hear about Christ and if they don’t connected with us at least they may get connected somewhere. Just a smashing success! God bless you all!


Midlothian, VA

The energy in the room was amazing. It never let go! It stayed “High Energy” throughout the entire night! Just wonderful!!


Columbus, OH